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Evolutionary Ecology of Species Interactions

Understanding biodiversity requires more than identifying the number of species on earth. We must also elucidate how species interactions govern the dynamics of communities, ecosystems, and species diversity. My lab uses a broad combination of approaches including experimental ecology, field observations, molecular phylogenetics, and population genetics to understand the role that interspecific interactions play in creating diversity.

In the Segraves lab, we value diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility. Read more about this in our Code of Conduct.

Outreach & Affiliations

Plant-Insect Interactions Module
We developed a educational module for 7th and 8th grade students that teaches them about cool interactions between plants and insects. This was funded by NSF.
Evolution Education
As part of a NSF funded project, our lab group developed a teaching module for 3rd-5th grade students to improve evolution education.
Archbold Biological Station
We conduct our studies of yuccas and yucca moths at this renowned field station.
Congrats to Thomas and Mayra

Lab News

Congrats to Thomas for his new paper in Plant and Soil!
Congrats to Mayra for her new paper in Science!